Can I eat pecan pie-in-a-jar straight out of the jar?

Yes, but the intended use is to bake a pecan pie (instructions on the lid of the jar). It can be poured from the jar as a topping over waffles, or cheesecake or any warm dessert.

Is the jar that I found in my pantry still good to eat?

All our products are made with natural ingredients and do not contain any chemicals to make them last longer…that’s what makes them taste so great! They are best enjoyed within one year of their production. Every jar leaves our kitchen with a BEST BY xx/xx/xx Date sticker on the jar. However, if the sticker has been removed, it would be fine to open the jar and taste to see if it is still good. There is nothing in the jar that would be harmful to you no matter how old… the taste may deteriorate and it may taste old…the nuts exposed to air at the top of the jar may taste rancid. Sometimes the jar may taste good even 2 years old.

Do the preserves and toppings need to be refrigerated after opening?

Yes, it is best to refrigerate all the jars after opening. However, the Fudge Pecan Topping may be left out for several days at a time so that it does not get hard in the refrigerator between servings. The Fudge may be microwaved for a few seconds at a time to warm it, but if it stays too long in a microwave it can become as hard as plastic.

Are the products gluten free?

Our Preserves, Pie In-a-Jar, and Poppin are all Gluten Free, but they are made in a facility where flour is used. We make the pie dough for all our baked pies and use flour in our cakes…none of which are gluten-free. So even though the contents of the jars do not contain gluten in the ingredients, we would advise caution for someone who is extremely sensitive.

Can I buy your frosted pecans now for Christmas gifts?

We advise that our Frosted Pecans be enjoyed within a month of purchase. They are made fresh when shipping or selling them, and they do get harder over time as they dry. They are fabulous Fresh, and that is what you would want to have for gifts!

Do I need to pre-bake my pie shell before adding the pecan pie in-a-jar filling?

If you are making the recipe on our instruction label from scratch, you do not pre-bake. Most other pre-made pie shells do not require pre-baking, but we can only say to follow the instructions on the package of the pie shell you are using.

How long can pies stay out unrefrigerated or unfrozen?

After baking, the pie needs to stay out for several hours or even overnight to set properly. However, after the initial cooling period, the pie should be handled very carefully and not allowed to remain at room temperature for longer than 2 hours. It has fresh eggs in the pie. If you have received a BAKED pie, it should be frozen immediately if you wish to keep it to enjoy several days later. Otherwise, it should remain in the refrigerator for no longer than a week, for its best flavor and texture.